Adil Yusif

Adil Yusif
Born in Baku in 1977 
Lives and works in Baku, Azerbaijan

since 2005 member of the Artists’ Union of Azerbaijan
2000 graduated from the State University of Art and Culture, Azerbaijan
1994 graduated from the Azimzade State Art College in Baku, Azerbaijan
Honoured titles and awards
2005 prize as Winning Artist at the 3rd International Biennale of the Islamic World Contemporary Painting in Tehran, Iran

Adil Yusif has chosen an abstract way to comprehend the laws of the universe.  During the course of a transcendental journey to the depths of his subconscious, he draws aside the veil over the surreal world of his soul, plunging the spectators and the critics of his art into an unavoidable collusion, provoking them to join in the process of creation and challenging their senses in a game of aesthetic perception.
He is interested in the interaction of plastic forms. Changing the layers of paint, in various stages, with immense patience and following only his intuition, is his preferred method of creating. Using the collage technique, he achieves the relief-like textures of his canvases, and from that moment on, his paintings begin to “live” with movement in the space while revealing their sacred meaning. In his paintings one can hardly find accurate plots, faces, or figures, but simultaneously, they exude the power of his emotional perception of the world with related philosophical concepts. 
Irs (series) - 2012 - Mixed technique - 70x70
Moon - Mixed technique on canvas - 170x150
Blue & White - Mixed technique on canvas - 140x120
Conversation - 2012 - Diptych Acryl on canvas - 200x300
Composition - 2010 - Oil on canvas - 200x270
Irs (series) - 2012 - Mixed technique - 70x70
Irs (series) - 2012 - Mixed technique - 70x70
Night - Oil on canvas - 50x61
Still life - Oil on canvas - 85.5x70.5
Adil Yusif
Solo Exhibitions
2013 Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
2011 Base Level Gallery, Vienna, Austria
Group Exhibitions
2013 “Fly to Baku - Contemporary art from Azerbaijan”, Kunsthistorisches Museum - Neue Burg, Vienna, Austria
III International Painting Symposium, Garana, Timishoara, Romania
Week of Culture “Avaza”, Turkmenistan
2012 International Painting Symposium, Garana, Romania
3rd International Art Festival, Maiden Tower, Baku Azerbaijan
2011  Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
5th Meeting of Artists & Creations, Antalya, Turkey
First Geshaview International Art Festival, Geshaview, Bulgaria
Harmony International Exhibition, Seoul, South Korea
2010 1st International Art Exhibition, Gabala, Azerbaijan
1st International Painting Symposium, Saint-Lo, France
Tepecik International Art Festival, Aydin, Turkey
4th Meeting of Artist & Creations Antalya, Turkey
The 4th International Forum of Plastic Art, Sharm el Sheik, Egypt
2009 “White & Black” Art Project, Museum Center, Baku, Azerbaijan
4th International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Baku, Azerbaijan
“Crossroads” 13th International Art Symposium, Sheki, Azerbaijan
“Meeting of Artists & Creations”, Antalya, Turkey
Fourth International Art Festival, Dryanovo, Bulgaria
2008    Cairo Biennale (11th session), Cairo, Egypt
“CHA 2008: The World of Artists”, International Art Salon, Moscow, Russia
2007 “Youth: Art of Nations”, Astana, Kazakhstan
10th Sheki International Art Symposium, Sheki, Azerbaijan
EMAAR International Art Symposium, Dubai, UAE
Group Exhibition, Contemporary Art Center, Baku, Azerbaijan
2005 “Art Caucasus: The Second International Visual Art Convention”, Tbilisi, Georgia
The 3rd International Biennale of Islamic World Contemporary Painting, Tehran, Iran
2004  “Art Caucasus: First International Visual Art Convention”, Tbilisi, Georgia
EMAAR International Art Symposium, Dubai, UAE
“CHA 2004: Ecology Exhibition”, International Art Salon, Moscow, Russia
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