Ali Ibadullayev

Ali Ibadullayev
Born 1951 in Baku, Azerbaijan
Lives & works in Baku
1978 Member of USSR Artists Union & Azerbaijan Artists Union
1975 Graduated from the State High Artist's Institute (former Stroganov), Moscow,Russia
1970 Graduated from Azimzade State Art College in Baku, Azerbaijan

Honoured titles and awards
2006 Title “Honorary Artist” of Azerbaijan
2006 One of the author of Heydar Aliyev monuments
2003 Designer of the hall of Presidential Inauguration
1996 A prize – winner of the International Red Cross Organization

- In State Museums of Azerbaijan, Russia, Germany, Canada
- Private collections in Norway, USA, Turkey, Netherlands, Russia, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, England, Canada, Japan, Venezuela, Algeria and Baltic Countries

Ibadullayev becomes a follower of abstract art, to which he consciously strove in the “unconscious” formation of a creative attitude. “Subject abstraction”, a direction of abstract painting, which the artist chose as a plastic embodiment of his artistic identity, is based on a combination of abstract background with a graphic representation of objects and figures, including nudes in real life. He paints with fluid, watercolor, broad, sweeping strokes. The artist does not cover the entire surface of the canvas, leaving a space that is open to the imagination of each person, as if thereby drawing the viewer into his intellectual puzzle, offering a game based on feelings and associations.
“The background of his paintings seems to arise spontaneously when the free space in the painting begins to animate the objectless world, it spreads, boils and bubbles, forming fantastic pictures. Through the shimmering play of color combinations, the artist is trying to show the structure of the material world, its moving, ever-changing entity. Here the crystal raindrops reflecting in the sunlight are scattered in the expanse of heaven, while foamy sprays of water elements are dissolved in the air, or scorching sparks bristling in all directions reach the soft, cotton clouds, and the funnel-shaped wind currents blowing into the deep can destroy all living things. And the subtly reflected recognizable image of an object or a living being, such as blood-juicy poppies calling for humanism and love for nature, or cracked juicy pomegranates bursting with vitality, or fearsome lobsters with long horns and hard shells crawling on the canvas start to appear on this space. The naked strangers in the artist’s paintings under the floral flows of love are so magically attractive and chaste immaterial.” 
Nude - 2007 - Oil on canvas - 151x75
Abstraction - 2014 - Oil on canvas - 227x257
Blue Rose - 2014 - Oil on canvas - 61x140
Red Fishes - 2014 - Oil on canvas - 118x150
Rosebuds - 2014 - Oil on canvas - 194x80
Triptych - 2014 - Oil on canvas - 141x97
Roses - 2014 - Oil on canvas - 80x192
Oil - 2014 - Oil on canvas - 140x150
Ali Ibadullayev
Solo Exhibitions
2011 Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
2010 “Observer of the Fly”, Modern Art Museum, Baku, Azerbaijan

Selected artworks
2013 Monument “Friendship – Azerbaijan-Poland”, Gnezdo, Poland 
2012 3 Compositions “Fire”, Bronze, JW MARRİOTT HOTEL, Baku, Azerbaijan
Monument to Nizami Ganjevi, Bronze, Travertine, Rome, Italy
2011 “Khojali” Monument, Bronze, Berlin, Germany
4 compositions “Dervish”, Cinema “Nizami”, Brass, Granite, Baku, Azerbaijan
2009 Composition “Scales”, wood, Foyer of the Supreme Court, Baku, Azerbaijan
Monument “Comet”, Metal, Modern Art Museum, Baku, Azerbaijan
Monument “Tree”, Bronze, Modern Art Museum, Baku, Azerbaijan
Monument to the Oilman Farman Salmanov, Bronze, Khanti-Mansiysk, Russia
2008 7 Comoisitions “Mugham” in front of the Mugham Center: “Rast”, “Shur”, “Segakh”, “Shushter”, “Humayun”, “Chargah”, “Bayati- Shiraz”, brass, Baku, Azerbaijan
2007 Sculpture composition devoted to the Victims of 20th January, Granite, Bronze,
Khirdalan, Azerbaijan
2006 Heydar Aliyev Memorial Complex, Granite, Khirdalan, Azerbaijan

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