Nizaket Sinanovska

Nizaket Sinanovska
Born 1974 in Skopje/ Republic of Macedonia and she is of Albanian descent
Lives & works in Berlin, Germany
1988-1993 studies at the State School of Applied Arts, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

2013 Cover of TEAS-Magazine "Entering the land of fire"
Sinanovska was already standing out in her childhood for her passion for art, which then led her to study art.
Darkness and fire are the elements which characterize the memory of her childhood. Many years ago, when Macedonia was still part of the communist Republic of Yugoslavia and the doctrine of Tito characterized life, she often sat with her grandfather in the garden. Electricity had failed again and the grandfather made a great bonfire for the children, so they can warm themselves up next to the fire. He told stories of saints, spirits and religion. But more than his stories, Sinanovska was fascinated by the flames, the smoke and sparks of fire which told their own stories in her inner world. The fire, the old stories, the warmth and comfort of the very moment embossed many years later her painting in her studies.
Today, the house of her grandfather has given way to a new estate and TV and Internet have replaced the stories they have been told as children. But in her paintings, she tries to keep the feeling and the experience for her but also for the viewer alive.

Her water paintings are in concordance to the fire paintings from 2012/2013. Also these paintings are heavily influenced by her memories and experiences. When she was a small child her grandfather used to take her in the early mornings down to the Vardar, an old river filled with myths and stories of Macedonia and Greece.
The mist, which often floated like a wall, a dense and white-gray matter, over the water was Nizaket Sinanovska plunge into a different world where all thoughts melted into nothingness. Her grandfather was waiting quietly on the shore while fishing and there was just silence. This silence, the water, the light and the fog are the elements, which the artist tries to express in her multifaceted constellations.
Ignis - 2012 - Oil on canvas - 100x120
Licht Wasser Erde - 2015 - Oil on cardboard spanned with cotton fabric - 70x50
Der Abend und das Moor - 2015 - Oil on cardboard spanned with cotton fabric - 70x50
Natura - 2015 - Oil on cardboard spanned with cotton fabric - 70x50
Uferlinie - 2015 - Oil on cardboard spanned with cotton fabric - 70x50
Erupting Light - 2012 - Oil on canvas - 100x120
Licht durchbricht die Finsternis - 2014 - Oil on canvas - 100x120
Materie - 2012 - Oil on canvas - 100x120
Nizaket Sinanovska
Solo Exhibition
2014 “Light and Darkness”, CO23, Berlin, Germany
1993 Kunstausstellungsraum "2.August", Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Group Exhibition
2014 Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
2013 Türkisches Haus, Berlin, Germany
2012 „Dialogue of colors“, Direktorenhaus Berlin, Berlin, Germany

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