Shamo Abasov

Shamo Abasov
(1955 in Baku, Azerbaijan – 07.05.2014 in Baku, Azerbaijan)
1989 graduation diploma of Artists Union of Azerbaijan
1986 member of Artists Union of Azerbaijan
1986 member of Artists Union of USSR
1978 - 1984 studies at V.I. Mukhina Leningrad Higher Industrial Art School (today St. Petersburg Industrial Art Academy), St. Petersburg, Russia
1970 - 1974 studies at Azimzade Art Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan
1996 2nd prize of the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan
Collections (Selection)
-     „Tretyakovskaya " Gallery, Moscow, Russia
-     Collection of USSR Art Fund, Moscow, Russia
-     Collection of the Ministry of Culture of USSR, Moscow, Russia
-     Stieglitz Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
-     Museum for Modern Ceramic, Behin, Czech Republic
-     Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Washington, USA
-     R.Mustafaev Museum of Fine Arts, Baku, Azerbaijan
-     Collection of the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan
-     „Simurg " Gallery, Australien
-     Collection of Bridget Lai, Malaysia
-     Many private collectors from all over the world
Shamo – is a real Absheron artist who reveals around the world in a completely unexpected and incomprehensible ways. He is able playing the usual forms while transforming them beyond recognition, the commonness in the artist’s canvases regenerates into grotesque associative variety of symbols and hidden meanings. Shamo conceals the very multifaceted creativity.
He has worked with ceramics and wood, which also is reflected in a certain approach while creating shapes and volumes, use of local colors in contrast as well as sonorous combination. Shamo remarkably fully experienced the uniqueness of Azerbaijani national colors in a finely captured facial features and comic situations.
He is the artist with a happy creative destiny, is able to make the others happy. Shamo lived with his art, in his fragile, mysterious and tidy world with neither self-confident ambitions, nor thirst of glory. The glory has found him itself. But the world of Shamo is concentrated within the walls of his workshop. Here in the imaginations of the artist the true fair life of the artist used to live with the life absurd and farfetched outside it. His pictures bestow common good and positive mood upon people, always raise a smile and force us to believe that there is nothing more ridiculously in life, than life.
Babysitter - 2010 - Oil on canvas - 54x88
A Very Soft Load - 2009 - Oil on canvas - 56x74
Goodwill Visit - 2010 - Oil on canvas - 50x70
Hilt and Donkey Seller - 2013/14 - Oil on canvas - 74x56
New Year’s Week - 2009/10 - Oil on canvas - 55x95
Once Upon a Time - 2007 - Oil on canvas - 61x72
Pomegranates of the Horse Year - 2013/14 - Oil on canvas - 49x63
Shirin’s Dream - 2009 - Oil on canvas - 60x92
Sisters of Simurg - 2014 - Oil on canvas - 64x36
The Offer - 2007 - Oil on canvas - 75x75
Shamo Abasov
Solo Exhibitions (Selection)
2014 “In Memory of Shamo“, Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
Culture Centre of Azerbaijan, Vienna, Austria
2000 “One-Man-Show“, Office of "Mercy Corps International", Baku, Azerbaijan
Group Exhibitions (Selection)
2010 Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
2008 Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
2005 “Man and Woman", Sattar Bahlulzade Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
2003 Q Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
“November- Salon" - Marzhik Gallery, Kralevo, Serbia
1996 “Novruz" Int’l Exhibition, Ankara, Turkey
1995 “BMT -50" Exhibition & Competition, Baku, Azerbaijan
1991 Baku Art Center – Culture Centre, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
1990 Baku Art Center – Riga’s Modes Gallery, Riga, Latvia
Young artists of GDR and USSR, Erfurt, Germany
1989 Baku Art Center, Avignon, France
Baku Art Center – Palace of Youth, Moscow, Russia
Exhibition of participants of the 13th Int’l Symposium of Ceramic, Prague, Czech Republic
Young artists of USSR und GDR, Palace of Youth, Moscow, Russia
1988 Young artists of socialistic countries, Manej, Moscow, Russia
Int‘l Symposium of Ceramic, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
Young artists of USSR, Manej, Moscow, Russia
Baku Art Center - The Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
1986 Young artists of USSR, Manej, Moscow, Russia
1985 43. Int‘l Ceramic Competition, Faenza, Italy
1983 Autumn Exhibition of Leningrad artists, Manej, Leningrad, Russia
1982 Young artists, Baku, Azerbaijan

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