Marc Schmitz

Marc Schmitz
Marc Schmitz
Born in 1963 in Hamburg, Germany
Lives & works in Berlin, Germany
He is the initiator of Land Art Mongolia LAM 360°.
-      Philosophy at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich & FU Berlin, Germany
-      Art at Fine Art Academy Munich (Prof. Klaus vom Bruch), Germany
-      Multimedia at New Media Academy Berlin, Germany
Awards & Grants
2015 Finalist Pulic Art Award IAPA Hong Kong
2014 Prince Claus Fund
Ifa 2014, A.I.R., Goethe Institute Hong Kong
2012 Prize of Turgut Pura Foundation
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Peace Art Hotel Shanghai
2010 Goethe Institute Almaty
2009 YAATO, Art Council Korea
2006 Scholarship – Agnes Straub/ Käthe Dorsch Foundation
Prize of the Jury for realized work, 10th Cairo Int. Biennale
2002 Scholarship EHS - Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation
Ifa 2000/06, Internationaler Kulturaustausch Berlin
2004 Special Selection - Busan Biennale Organizing Committee
2000 1. Prize ART FOR EXPO 2000 (international Goethe Institute Award)
1998 VII China Art Exposition International
-      Eclipse, TEDA contemporary art museum, Tianjin, Chin./Engl. (2015)
-      The paintings, Moproo London Shanghai, Engl. (2014) 
-      L'Officiel Art, Paris Winter / World Sculpture News, Hong Kong Autumn (2014)
-      Yishu Magazine May/June/ (2013)
-      Shifting Gravity, World Biennial Forum, Ute Meta Bauer, Hatje Canz (2013)
-      Land Art Mongolia 360°, 2nd Land Art Biennial, EN/ MN (2012)
-      A Non Linear Perspective, EN Perth, WA (2010)
-      Land Art Mongolia 360°, 1st Land Art Biennial, EN/ MN (2010)
-      Land Art New Mexico, Radius Books, EN(2010)
-      Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, EN/ KO(2009)
-      Sculpture Quadrennial Riga 2008, LV/ EN (2008)
-      Intrude Art & Life, Zendai MOMA Shanghai, EN/ ZH (2008)
-      In Transition Cyprus, EN (2007)
-      Yatoo Biennale, National Museum Gongju, South Korea, KO/ EN (2007)
-      10th Cairo Int. Biennale, AR/ EN (2006)
-      Land Art Mongolia 2006, MN/ EN (2006)
-      2nd Beijing int. Art Biennale, ZH/ EN (2005)
-      Busan Biennale, KO/ EN (2004)
-      File 2004, EN/ PT Sao Paulo (2004)
-      File 2003, EN/ PT Sao Paulo (2003)
-      Expomat, Zürich, DT (2002)
-      Ortsbestimmung, DT Berlin (2001)
-      Signs efficiency & wonders, EN/ DT/ ZH Beijing (2000)
-      ART FOR EXPO, World Expo 2000, Hanover EN/ DT (2000)
-      Ab die Post, Festival experimenteller Kunst, EN /DT Berlin (1999)
-      X China Art Exhibition ZH /EN (1998)
-      Kunsthalle Stuttgart, ongoing business, DT Stuttgart (1996)
Artist Statement
Any typical space is constructed by typical social conditions. Every part of consciousness is included. Images of space are dreams of society.
“My recent projects have focused on finding and interpreting unclaimed or contested public space(s), and on reading the importance of the spatial relationship to both personal and shared cultural memory. The stories told in those contested spaces reveal alternate possibilities for the human experience – and particularly our experience of urban zones. My work is oriented toward the public realm, is collaborative more than it is “interactive”, relies on ethnographic and art historical research, and takes advantage of both contemporary and historical forms of artistic media.”
Schmitz uses a variety of media and materials e.g. he had developed a walk-in sculpture that allowed for a new and unusual experience of space within a vibrant environment.
69OSB - 2013 - Oil on canvas - 130x170
N°5 Baku2009 - 2011 - Steel, Nylon, Titan - 500x170
Air Base3 - 2014 - Pantone on Bristol - 70x100
El Fenn2 - 2014 - Pantone on Bristol - 70x100
March 14 - 2014 - Pantone on Bristol - 70x100
76 - 2013 - Oil on canvas - 130x170
Air Base - 2014 - Pantone on Bristol - 70x100
102 - 2013 - Oil on canvas - 130x170
116 - 2013 - Oil on canvas - 130x170
Marc Schmitz
Solo exhibitions
2015 TEDA Contemporary Art Museum Tianjin, China
2013 Moproo Gallery, Shanghai, China
2012 Galerie am Damm, Dresden, Germany
Art & Politics, Museo de Arquitectura Leopold Rother, Bogotá, Columbia
2011 EDEN Galerie Kai Hilgemann, Berlin, Germany
2010 Concert Hall Perth, Berlin Dayz, Perth, Australia
2009 National Academy of Arts Baku, Baku, Azerbaijan
2006 Galerie Kai Hilgemann, Berlin, Germany
2004 Commercial, Kunstoffice Berlin, Berlin, Germany  
Group exhibitions
2015 56th Venice Biennial, Palazzo Zorzi, Venice, Italy
TRIO Bienal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nakanojo Biennale, Japan
2014 Goethe Institute, Hong Kong, China
FACES & TRACES, Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China
Land Art Mongolia, 3rd Biennial, Mongolia
Galerie Seitz & Partner, Berlin, Germany
2013 Sculpture by the Sea, Aarhus, Denmark
Il Palazzo Enciclopedico 55th Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy
UBE Biennale, Tokinawa Museum, Ube, Japan
2012 Creative Cities, Olympic Fine Arts, The Barbican Center, London, UK
Turgut Pura art prize, Sculpture & Paintings Museum, Izmir, Turkey
2nd Land Art Biennial LAM360°, National Mongolian Modern Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Art Ignites Life - Hongqiao Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China
2011 Condensation, Museo Borgo di Clauiano, Trivignano, Italy
2010 Art Center Koldo, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Neue Räume, Galerie Kai Hilgemann, Berlin, Germany
INDIAN BLEND, Gallery Alexandra Saheb, Berlin, Germany
2009 Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
Richard Levy Gallery, Land/Art, New Mexico, USA
ART INTERNATIONAL, Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Geumgang Biennale, Museum of Gongju, South Korea
2008 Spaces, Zendai MoMA Shanghai, China
Sculpture Quadrennial, Riga, Latvia
05.Berliner Kunstsalon, Mobile Spaces, Berlin, Germany
2007 10th International Cairo Biennale, Museum of Modern Art, Cairo, Egypt
Räume – Kraftfelder, Galerie Seitz & Partner, Berlin, Germany
2006 Transitory Operations, UMA Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2005 2nd International Beijing Biennial, Beijing, China
Spaces N° 2, Ulaanbaatar Project, Mongolian National Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2004 Busan Biennial 2004, South Korea
FILE-2004 GALERIA DE ARTE DO SESI, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2002 Art on the Net, Michida City Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2001 Ortsbestimmung, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Berlin, Germany
2000 Beijing-Berlin, Jintai Exhibition Hall, Chaoyang, Beijing, China
Art for Expo (first prize award), German House UN - Plaza New York, USA
Goethe Institute, Singapore
German Pavillon, Expo 2000, Gallery Vartai, Vilnius, Lithuania
1998 Exploseum, Kunstmuseum Luzern, Luzern, Switzerland
TWA 800, Kunsthalle Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
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