Peter Cujé

Peter Cujé
Born 1941 in Berlin, Germany
Lives & works in Germany
since 2008 regularly teaching at the Herbstakademie of der Jugendkunstschule (academy for young people) Spandau, Germany
since 2001 Studio on the Spandau Citadel and intensive dedication to art
Although among his ancestors were many artists, his own intense creative steps are only dated back 1961. Since that time, however, he paints - first figurative, then in the mid-60s he turns into abstract painting. Between 1969 and 1972 he organized various exhibitions for artist friends. In the last two decades of his professional career he worked for Bavaria Film, until he finally turns towards art as main occupation in 2001.
-     Private Collections in Germany, France, Switzerland, USA and Japan
Most of his paintings are created in an intuitive act in which by constant application of many layers of paint, which are washing-off over and over again, slowly and in many steps the desired result is achieved. He follows only his own sensations, allows again and again accidental occurrences, and nevertheless ensures that the process is always very controlled. Apart from exceptions, he doesn’t want his works to reflect reality, reproduce anything, thus he neither doesn’t want to create illusions nor tell anything. He primarily wants to express himself via free form and color and of course hopes to release an inspiration in the viewer.
No Title - Nr.959 - 2014 - Indian ink, Gouache, Acryl on cloth lined board - 20x20
No Title - Nr. 934 - 2012 - Indian ink, Water colours, Gouache, Acryl on cloth lined board - 30x30
MMXI No.5 - 2011 - Indian ink, Gouache, Water colours, Acryl on canvas - 80x80
MMXIII No.2 - 2013 - Indian ink, Gouache, Acryl, Gauze on canvas - 80x80
No Title - Nr.886 - 2012 - Indian ink, Gouache, Acryl on MDF board - 40x40
No Title - Nr.864 - 2011 - Indian ink, Gouache, Stain on MDF board - 53x53
No Title - Nr.865 - 2011 - Indian ink, Gouache, Stain on MDF board - 50x50
No Title - Nr.948 - 2014 - Indian ink, Gouache, Acryl on MDF board - 53x53
Peter Cujé
Solo Exhibitions
2015 Galerie Pillango, Berlin, Germany
2014 Galerie im Hof der Gruppe TERRA, Berlin, Germany
2011 „DIE KLEINEN FORMATE“, Galerie im Hof, Berlin, Germany
„Kleinformat und Großquadrat“, Kult-Galerie, Germany
2010 Galerie Havelspitze in der Spandauer Wasserstadt, Berlin, Germany
2009 Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
„Raum und Linie“, Kunstverein Stade, Stade, Germany
2007 „les petits formats“, Galerie Kunstreich, München, Germany
„Philosophie meets Art“, Simander, Germany
2006 Galerie Artisan, Berlin, Germany
„Labyrinthe“, Berlin, Germany
2005 Aquamarin, Berlin, Germany
2004 Galerie Artisan, Berlin, Germany
Group Exhibitions
2014 Museum Takeshita-seika-kojyo, Ohdashi, Shimane, Japan
Performing Arts Center, Kamakur, Japan
„Zellen – Gitter – Algorithmen“ K-Salon, Berlin, Germany
2013 Galerie Achtzig, Berlin, Germany
„Collage“ KunstRaumKo, Berlin, Germany
„VIER POSITIONEN“, Kunstverein Stade, Stade, Germany
2012 „5 Years Galerie Berlin-Baku“, Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
„artGENOSSEN“ KunstRaumKo, Berlin, Germany
2011 „neun plus eins“ Gewölbegalerie, Berlin, Germany
Montreux Art Gallery, Montreux, Switzerland
„Art-ZEN“ temporary exhibition during Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland
„Basler Kunsttage“, Basel, Switzerland
„Japanese & German contemporary ART“, Galerie DEN, Berlin, Germany
2008 „Kunst und Begegnung“, Villa Wendland, Güstritz, Germany
2007 „Der rote Punkt“, Radierwerkstatt 30 Links, Berlin, Germany
2006 Exhibition of the Art Office Spandau, Berlin, Germany
2005 Historische Gewölbegalerie, Berlin, Germany

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