Ebrahim Ehrari

Ebrahim Ehrari
Born 1938 in Urmia, South Azerbaijan, Iran
Lives & works in Berlin, Germany

2007 foundation of Galerie Berlin-Baku along with Salhab & Emin Mammadov
(QGallery-Baku), Berlin, Germany
1988 - 2010 Chairman of Azerbaijani-German Culture Booster Club
1985 Artist in Residence - 12 months at the Arts Council in Belfast, Northern Ireland
since 1983 involved in culture exchange between Germany & Azerbaijan and significant participation in many projects
1981 - 2007 member of the Kultur Initiative Lankwitz later Trägerverein Schwarz’sche Villa – since 1982 chairman
1976 - 2003 Director of the Etching Workshop at the print studio of BBK
since 1979 member of Union Berlin Artists (VBK)
1975 - 1978 studies of history of art at University FU Berlin, Germany 
1973 -1975 lecturer at the University Tehran, Department for Fine Arts and at the
University for Applied Art – 1975 Organization of exhibitions for the
Goethe-Institute Tehran within the German-Iranian Cultural Work
1970 - 2000 member of Professional Association of Artists of Fine Arts Artists (BBK)
1968 - 1973 studies at the University HdK Berlin as graphic designer with the professors Wolfgang Ludwig und Hans Fortsch, Berlin, Germany
1966 emigration to Europe 
1957 - 1966 advertising artist at the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Water & Electricity in South Iran (Khuzestan)
major at Busher (seaport at the Persian Gulf), Iran
pipeline welder at the island Kharg, Iran (impressions of this work have deeply influenced his artwork)

2011 Granting of the title "The Honored Worker of Art of the Azerbaijan Republic"
2008 Granting of a honorary doctorate at the State Academy of Fine Arts, Baku, Azerbaijan
1993 Granting of a honorary doctorate at the University Baku, Azerbaijan
Private & public collections in Germany, Japan, Iran, UK, Ireland, Russia, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Brazil, The Netherlands, France, Portugal, Greece, USA, India and Afghanistan

Bibliography (Selection)
- Catalogue "Ebrahim Ehrari", 2015
- Catalogue „Tief im Rausch der Fantasie“ with artwork of 2013-2014
- “Volksmärchen aus Aserbaidschan” with illustrations of Ebrahim Ehrari, Verlag
Dr. Köster, Berlin 2007
- „Haus am Lützowplatz, Träume, Gesichter, Visionen“, Berlin 1987
- „Six from Berlin/ Aberdeen“, Berlin 1987
- „Male Formi Grafiki“ 85/86/87, Lodz-Poland 1985-1987
- „Ebrahim Ehrari“, State Art Office, Kupijai & Prochnow, Berlin 1988
- Listowel Print, Ireland 1985
„Galerie de pret grand‘ place, Grenoble – France 1984
- „Gemischte Gefühle“ – Etching techniques & graphics, Berlin 1982
- Bedaeckers Berlin-Steglitz, Berlin 1980
- „Moulin de Gennebrie“, Melle – France 1979
- „Le globe“, Exposition, Nantes - France 1979
- „Iran heute – Grafik, Malerei, Stoffdruck“, Tehran - Iran 1975
- IT – Flüge, Bibliophil., Berlin 1972
- Various catalogues accompanying his exhibitions (solo & group)

Many years Ebrahim Ehrari’s artistic work focused on graphics (esp. Aqua Tinta) - and he was a master of his trade. His metaphorical encrypted imagery contains elements of surrealism, the game with perspectives and spaces, picking up proportions and bringing together different levels of reality. The balance between European and Oriental pictorial tradition, between iconic/ descriptive and poetic symbolic results in a new visual world full of rich allusions. The explanations of the symbolism actually is not required. Quite clearly the frame stands for bondage, the tip for threat, the water for life and the horse for power.
Yet he did not leave it at that. The artist Ehrari went into an experimental phase and over the years he acquired various changing techniques. For three years, he created computer art, and finally he concentrated on painting. This is also his present focus. He is remained notwithstanding true to himself, he continues to use not only his old but also new symbols, indeterminate forms, socio-critical themes and fantasy games. This exciting mixture can be found in his new paintings again, colourful moments with intense colors and tremendous forms.
Ebrahim Ehrari - Nur einen Blick für den Schmetterling - 2015 - Oil & Acryl on canvas - 120x100
Ebrahim Ehrari - Suchen - 2015 - Oil & Acryl on canvas - 100x120
Ebrahim Ehrari - Eine Luftblase - 2013 - Oil & Acryl on canvas - 150x100
Der Granatapfel von Scheki - 2013 - Oil & Acryl on canvas - 100x150
Ebrahim Ehrari - Meine Wunschinsel - 2013 - Oil & Acryl on canvas - 150x100
Ebrahim Ehrari - Herausgesprungen - Colour Etching - 36x46
Ebrahim Ehrari - Sich gefangen halten - Colour Etching - 50x60
Ebrahim Ehrari - Suche nach Geborgenheit - Colour Etching - 50x70
Ebrahim Ehrari - Ikarus - Aqua Tinta - 50x70
Ebrahim Ehrari
Solo Exhibitions & Projects (Selection)
2017 „Berlin ꚙ Baku - The Founders“, Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
2014 „Im Rausch der Fantasie“, Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
2013 Konferenz-center, Malmö, Sweden
Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
2012 Galerie Horst-Nico Kress, Mannheim, Germany
2010 Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
2006 Galerie Petra Lange, Berlin, Germany
Galerie „bustert,albrecht“, Potsdam, Germany
2003 Buddy Bear for Azerbaijan, Berlin, Germany
qgallery, Baku, Azerbaijan
Kommunale Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2002 Buddy Bear for Azerbaijan, Berlin, Germany
2000 Museum, Graz, Austria
1998 Raiffeissenbank, Deutschlandsberg, Austria
1993 Bulino, Steinen-Schlächtenhausen, Germany
1988 Kommunale Galerie, Berlin, Germany
Fenderensky Art Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland
1986 Touring Exhibitions, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland
1985 Graphic Studio, Dublin, Ireland
1982 Petruskirche Lichterfelde, Berlin, Germany
Galerie Stodieck, Mönchengladbach, Germany
1981 de Schakel, Voorburg, The Netherlands
1980 Galerie de Sfinx, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1979 Galerie Friedemann, Gütersloh, Germany
1978 Galerie de Sfinx, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1973 Goethe Institute, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions (Selections)
2017 "Pomegranate and Fire Mountain - Contemporary Azerbaijani Art between Fantasy and Viewing Worlds", Kunststation Kleinsassen, Kleinsassen, Germany
2016 "Lyrisch Phantastisch", Verein Berliner Künstler (VBK), Berlin
2015 "aus der grenze", HO l Berlin, Berlin, Germany
"smArtcities", Korean Cultural Centre & Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
2014 BBK Exhibition in Leer, Ostfriesland, Germany
"My home is my castle“, Jang Pyeon Museum, Southkorea
Central Park Praha, Prague, Czech Republic
2008 Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
2002 Galerie VBK, Berlin, Germany
2001 Galerie Petra Lange, Berlin, Germany
1986 - 2000 partially repeated participation in group exhibitions in Berlin, Weiden,
Ludwigshafen, Munich, Paderborn, Hamburg, Westphalia, Italy, France,
Poland, Portugal, Greece, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, USA, India, Japan and Afghanistan
1985 Fenderensky Art Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland
1984 Galerie Stodieck, Berlin, Germany
1983 State Library, Paderborn, Germany
1982 Petruskirche Lichterfelde, Berlin, Germany
1979 Galerie l’auberge, Celle-Boye, Germany
1977 Galerie Laubach, Berlin, Germany
1976 Montparnassa, Mykonos, Greece
1975 Iranian-Dutch Association, Tehran, Iran
1974 Simultaneous exhibition Berlin, Germany / Tehran, Iran/ Urmia, Iran
1972 Galerie Litfaß, Berlin, Germany

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