Asmar Narimanbekova

Asmar Narimanbekova
Born on 13.03.1961 in Baku, Azerbaijan
Works & lives in Baku, Azerbaijan & Paris, France

2010 lecturer of Fine Arts
since 1989 member of Baku Arts Center
since 1988 member of Azerbaijan Artists Union
since 1988 member of USSR Artists Union
1981 - 1986 studies at the State Academy of Arts Tbilisi, Georgia

Honoured titles
2002 Title “Honorary Artist” of Azerbaijan

- United Nations Gallery, New York, USA
- Ruskin Gallery, Boston, USA
- Sakharov Centre, New York, USA
- Kabakchi Gallery, Ankara, Turkey
- Ministry of Culture of China, Beijing, China
- Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan
- Ministry of Culture of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia
- Gallery Absheron, Baku, Azerbaijan
- Modern Art Museum, Baku, Azerbaijan
- Artists Central Palace, Moscow, Russia
- Dix Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
- Museum Dahlem, Berlin, Germany
- Humay Gallery, London, UK
- "The Faberge Big Egg Hunt" Sotheby's, London, UK  
- Galerie Bortone, Paris, France
- Unesco, Paris, France
- Private collections in Azerbaijan, France, Germany, USA, Poland, Switzerland, Finland, UK, Turkey, Russia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, China

Asmar Narimanbekova was born in a family of eminent parents. Togrul Narimanbekov, her father, is a well-known Azerbaijani artist, and her mother Elmira Guseynova, a sculptor. 
Narimanbekova is the person who is infinitely really fond of her profession. She grew up in the atmosphere of love to art, music and literature. She is an artist full of light, wide and enthusiastic soul. While ardouring from fauvism to impressionism, then from postimpressionism to cubism and expressionism Narimanbekova has found her individual creative manner of the letter, the original color sensation acting as a composition dominant. Color in her artworks fills the form with dynamics, saturates her canvas with the strong energy as well.
Narimanbekova works hardly and with inexhaustible enthusiasm, actively participates in exhibitions, international festivals and symposiums. She has been characterized for her bold and engaging style.  
Motherhood - 2003 - Oil on canvas - 110x110
Abstraction of Colors and Forms - 2012 - Oil, Acrylic on canvas - 160x160
Carnival - 2014 - Oil, Acrylic on canvas - 160x150
Dynamics of Color - 2012 - Oil, Acrylic on canvas - 170x170
Love - 2005 - Oil, Acrylic on canvas - 110x100
Persimmon - 2003 - Oil on canvas - 90x120
Still Life - 2001 - Oil on canvas - 110x80
Venice - 2003 - Oil on canvas - 145x165
Asmar Narimanbekova
Solo Exhibitions (selection)
2015 Culture Centre of Russia, Paris, France
"Amar Art", Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
2014 "Amar Art", Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
2013 “On the Silk Road”, Galerie Bortone, Paris, France
2012 Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
2007 Gallery Turksoy, Ankara, Turkey
Gallery Modern Art Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan
2000 Council of Europe, Strasburg, France
1999 Humay Gallery, London, UK
1996 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Baku, Azerbaijan

Group Exhibitions (selection)
2016 "Z-IR-D-AZ-NAM", Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
2015 "Artistes d'Azerbaidjan", Galerie Russkiy Mir, Paris, France
2014 UNESCO exposition "International Women's day", Paris, France
2013 3rd Int’l Exhibition of Fine Art “Melody of Portraits”, Gabala, Azerbaijan
2010 - 2012 “Feminine Art”, Trabzon, Turkey
“The Faberge Big Egg Hunt”, Sotheby’s, London, UK
2008 Galerie Berlin-Baku, Berlin, Germany
2001 - 2007 various exhibitions in Azerbaijan, Russia and France
1998 “Exhibition of Azeri Artists”, Private Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
1997 “Exhibition of Azeri Artists”, Museum Dahlem, Berlin, Germany
1995 Hotel de Ville, Nantes, France
1993 “The Colours of Absheron”, Gallery Absheron, Baku, Azerbaijan
1992 Ruskin Private Gallery, Boston, USA
1991 “Exhibitions”, Baku, Azerbaijan/ Tbilisi, Georgia/ Tallinn, Estonia
1990 United Nations Gallery, New York, USA
Sakharov Centre, New York, USA
Kabakchi Gallery, Ankara, Turkey
1989 “Artist of Azerbaijan”, Copenhagen, Denmark
“Soviet Union Painting”, Artists Central Palace, Moscow, Russia
1988 “Modern Art of Azerbaijan”, Artists Central Palace, Moscow, Russia
1987 - 1988 “Exhibitions”, Moscow, Russia
1986 “The Colors of Spring”, Baku, Azerbaijan
1985 “Exhibition”, Moscow, Russia
1984 Young Artists, Tbilisi, Georgia
1983 Young Artists of Azerbaijan, Moscow, Russia

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