Facets of time
06/07/2014 - 26/07/2014
Facets of time
Jon Mincu
A Berlin based artist, who shows artwork over a period of about thirty years. They are the results of a reflexive and introspective consideration of lived time, starting with a difficult past to the complex present. Some of his paintings were inspired by the German literature. Mincu is a master various techniques such as oil on canvas, etchings, lithographs, ink, pen, woodcuts and watercolors are part of his repertoire.
His works and techniques convey different facets of an individual, Mincu’s specific artistic expression.
His artworks are considered successful examples of cultural understanding through cultural and national boundaries.
For Mincu art is also a means of communication from soul to soul; it is a kind of language, placed into essential sort of language.
So Mincu says:
"Art has accompanied my years of life and enriched it. You want to communicate the joy, to see art, to the others, because - as Ernst Barlach said - "Every art has two. Someone who makes it and someone who needs it".
Alakbar Rzaguliyev
Life - more precisely, life under the Soviet system - was not kind to artist Alakbar Rzaguliyev (1903-1974). During the Stalinist repressions, Rzaguliyev was arrested three times for supposedly spreading pan-Turkish ideas. Suffering the fate of thousands of other intellectuals and creative geniuses, he spent the majority of his adult life in prison and exile, nearly 25 years. Perhaps the worst aspect of Rzaguliyev's sentence was the fact that he was not allowed to pursue his dream of becoming an artist. By the time he was free to return to Azerbaijan in 1956 after Stalin had died, he was desperately out of practice, psychologically broken and too weak even to hold a pencil.
Despite the odds, Rzaguliyev worked tenaciously to develop his talent and make a name for himself. He became well known for his art, especially for his remarkable series of black-and-white linoleum prints depicting scenes from turn-of-the-century Baku.
Living so long inside those prison walls left its mark on Rzaguliyev's works - but not as one might think. Most of his prints glorify work, in the sense that the artist invites us to appreciate the mundane, ordinary and sheer physical process of creating with one's own hands and mind.
Many of his prints depict workers going about their everyday chores - shoeing water buffalo, loading hay on wagons, making flatbread (lavash) or even slitting the bellies of sturgeon to harvest caviar.

The artist Jon Mincu is present at the opening.
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