”Caught in Reality & Future” by Sabine Burmester
27.04.2018 - 17.05.2018
Sabine Burmester
with Space-Soundinstallation of Steven Kovar

Special Opening Times at the Gallery Weekend
Saturday 28.04.2018 & Sunday 29.04.2018 from 11am – 7pm
”Caught in Reality & Future” by Sabine Burmester
To kick-off the Gallery Weekend we present for the 3rd time a "From Waste to Art" artist at our gallery. This year it is the German artist Sabine Burmester. As with Khalil Chishtee (2015) and Kitty Wales (2016), the artist gets the gallery space for free development and the installation is created within a specified period of time inside the gallery premises.
Let’s get surprised!
Sabine Burmester  
"Materials from nature and everyday life play a very important role in my artwork. Old, proven, consumed, used, discarded materials are communicating with each other on canvas, they are interdependent but at the same time approaching, supporting and complementing each other. I consciously use their surface structures, their colours and characters for my compositions. In conjunction with a broad, complementary colour spectrum (acryl), they show the subject of being human, the transience, the persistence and discovery of new (living) spaces. I place the materials in a new context. This is how artworks with contemporary and environmental political, economic and social critical statements are created.
My working motto is: "to constantly get involved in new things, to get things which arise in front of my eyes with spontaneity!"
The installation in the Galerie Berlin-Baku deals with the limitations of life, which either are selected by one’s self or through no fault of one’s own showing the horizon of everyone. Trapped in a net means in the broadest sense the instrumentalization of human being by recognizable and unrecognizable external and internal influences: whether trapped in conventions, in relationships, in data network, in a totalitarian state, in the power of economy and banks or in the inherent environmental sins - paralyzed like the victim of a spider. "
Steven Kovar is an American sound artist and musician living in Berlin. He was born in 1976 in Lansing, Michigan, and works professionally as an interface designer and web programmer. In his sound work Kovar deals with the topics technology, communication, mass media, ethics, and metaphysics. Kovar is interested in dystopian literature, as well as technological singularity and futurology and is influenced by these topics in his sound work.
Kovar has sound installations in Berlin and Stockholm, and plays and releases music with his band "Sleep Signal" and his solo project "Tauber". He integrates Field Recordings and Modular Synthesis in his music with techniques from Musique Concrete and electro-acoustic music.
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