Squaring the Circle
03.12.2017 - 22.12.2017
Evelyn Bauer, Marion Gerlach, Eva Moeller, Rosmarie Wehnert
Squaring the Circle
The four artists became acquainted with each other in the early 80s at the print studio of Künstlerhaus Bethanien at Mariannenplatz, Berlin. Under the direction of the artist Ebrahim Ehrari (master of etching) they learned different printing techniques and familiarized themselves especially with the etching technique. Since then they are friends, have often exhibited together, also at the gallery Berlin-Baku and we look forward to showing these four special artists also in our anniversary year with old and new artwork.
Evelyn Bauer
„One topic that kept me busy this year are tree trunks ... mostly with a single female figure. Landscapes, rather to be understood as an atmospheric space, created by horizontal colouring. Figure striding, searching, roaming this imaginary universe. The contrast of soft, mossy trunks to pale, light brown soil, the somewhat lost, almost invaded human being, an aspect of feeling groping in life, discovering bizarre and beauty, and piecing together this artistically and harmoniously."
Marion Gerlach
„I attach importance to the representation of my own world, which is not recognizable; I do not like to “lay my cards on the table”. My source of inspiration is my faith and my unwavering optimism, which also gives me firmness in life. My personal point of view, perception and emotions - happy and painful – getting expressed through various topics and a large variety of techniques. But all my artwork have one thing in common, the radiance of calmness, infinite tranquility!"
Eva Moeller
„Over and over I'm fascinated by the lively diversity of big cities. An exciting juxtaposition of old and new. People lend themselves to streets and squares and fill them with life. The city becomes big,  dynamic, colourful, loud, dazzling and exciting. High glass facades reflect this hustle and bustle. Through the division of the window surfaces, refractions and light reflections, the reflecting objects are getting dissolved and only unreal fragments of the real world are remaining. I want to capture these moments."
Rosmarie Wehnert
„The perspective and spectrum of my artwork are multifaceted, from a certain rigour of the structure of the painting up to the playful lightness of the content of the painting. By reducing the colour accents I try to enhance the aesthetics of my paintings. My focus is on imagination and expression. I create catchy compositions - real, imaginary, poetic or with fine irony. Imagination has no limits. I always want to succeed in inviting the viewer into my world of thoughts at all times."
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