Berlin ∞ Baku
The Founders
07.05.2017 - 14.06.2017
Ebrahim Ehrari & Salhab Mammadov
Berlin ∞ Baku
The Gallery Berlin-Baku was founded in November 2007 on the initiative of Ebrahim Ehrari & Salhab Mammadov. The initial focus was on the artistic exchange between Germany and Azerbaijan and has changed nowadays into the focus on Azerbaijani art in the context of the world. Credo of the gallery has been ever since the inception that aesthetic creativity and artistic creation does not stop at national borders, but connects people over all possible obstacles and language barriers. Especially in recent years, the Gallery Berlin-Baku had become more and more a cross-cultural gallery, in which artists from different nations are presented in dialogue and cohesion.
Ebrahim Ehrari’s artistic work has been focused many years on graphics (esp. Aqua Tinta) - and he was a master of his trade. His metaphorical encrypted imagery contains elements of surrealism, the game with perspectives and spaces, picking up proportions and bringing together different levels of reality. The balance between European and Oriental pictorial tradition, between iconic/ descriptive and poetic symbolic results in a new visual world full of rich allusions. The explanations of the symbolism actually is not required. Quite clearly the frame stands for bondage, the tip for threat, the water for life and the horse for power.
For many years he is focusing on paintings and he is remained notwithstanding true to himself. He continues to use not only his old but also new symbols, indeterminate forms, critical themes and fantasy games. This exciting mixture can be found in his new paintings again, colourful moments with intense colors and tremendous forms.
Salhab Mammadov’s works typically reflect the tendencies and rhythms of the modern era. With his unfailing and intuitive sense of space, Mammadov sets out to create the closest relationship between his monuments and the surrounding architecture. In exploiting the peculiarities of the urban surroundings, the artist builds the monument in such a manner that it either dominates its environment, creating a certain mood, or is organically implanted into the landscape to interact with it. The artistic image of Mammadov’s monuments is based on an inseparable conjunction of plastic form, conceptual context, material qualities and processing specifics. In other works, one can also discover his talent for painting. A wealth of expressiveness, sincerity and unerring perception epitomize his canvases.

Special: Ute Schwagmeyer feat. Salhab Mammadov
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