15.01.2017 - 03.02.2017
Natik Ahmadzada & Bernhard Nürnberger
Natik Ahmadzada combines the national traditions of the plastic stone arts of Azerbaijan and eastern miniatures with artistic trades. He also studies in detail the memorial complexes of the architectural monuments of his hometown Ganja, which give him interesting insights in the interpretation of ceramic works.
At the same time the artist admires the art of Mugham (traditional Azerbaijani form of music, has been accepted by UNESCO in the representative list of the immaterial cultural heritage of mankind), reflects the poetic lyricism that passes a definite line and attaches special buoyancy and emotionality to his paintings. The images of men and women, represented mostly with their heads, demonstrate the breadth of a human soul, differing by simplicity and frankness. Natik expresses his thoughts and feelings, reflecting the artistic and aesthetical views of the present.
The plastic of various symbols and metaphors is delivered through a colour spectrum.
Bernhard Nürnberger is engaged with remarkable intensity with the human figure and physiognomy. He combines excitingly classical sculptural techniques with modern plastic approaches, traditional materials with collected objects.
His oeuvre is characterized by the humorous use of material-iconography and his ingenious ties to the history of art right up to the antique world. His artwork convinces by irritating resistance and stringent quality.
The mere portrait or ideal images do not satisfy the artist; at a certain point the work on the individualisation will be interrupted. The viewer sees him-/herself confronted with tragic features of the debilitating, the confused or disturbed one. Or of sleep, of being absent-minded. Or as well of the comical-grotesque, the foolish self-forgetfulness. At the same time he/ she is seduced by the tactile surface and the fascinating structure, the unexpected colour change, textures, veins, breaks and transitions …...                                                              
Malte Wienebüttel/Jürgen Hoffmann/Gris Breton

more eye-catcher
at the kunstkammer friedenau  (19 Jan - 28 Feb 2017) with appointment

headpieces & paintings
of Bernhard Nürnberger
Host: Malte Wienebüttel in cooperation with Galerie Berlin-Baku

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