03.07.2016 - 30.07.2016
with Vahid Novruzov, Siegfried Knittel & Bernhard Mayer

                                                                                          [moov]  - excerpt of several possible meanings:
                                                                                                        -  To change in position from one point to another
                                                                                                        -  To follow a specified course
                                                                                                        -  To change posture or position
                                                                                                        -  To exhibit great activity or energy
                                                                                                        -  To stir the emotions
                                                                                                        -  To cause to function

Vahid Novruzovs artwork is strongly influenced by symbolic and surrealistic elements, always with a touch of romance, as love, an ever moving element & emotion has in all its forms a very high importance for him. The canvas is the mirror of emotions. At the same time he wants to show in different ways the native culture, embedded in its beauty. His paintings are a delicate balance between natural forms and rhythms, overlaid but also transformed.
Siegfried Knittel, well known by his Black Forest paintings and Bundestag landscapes, can be seen this time from a different and particular unique angle: there will be shown abstract paintings and colour-field work. Colours merge beautifully together, explode and generate a very exceptionally movement, supported by a special technique of the artist, or geometric shapes, separated through colours, show the immobility, the contrast, the static.
Bernhard Mayer connects with the raw material brass and bronze resistance and value that allows him to create strong contrasts with soft transitions in a very special way. The various parts of metal parts have their very own history and in remodeling new forms arise contexts which allow new associations. Each new sculpture is a small expedition with an uncertain outcome. Mayer wants to lead the viewer from the immediately knowable to the unknown.
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