Between Heaven & Roots
..... Humanity where?
08.11.2015 - 02.12.2015
with Namik Mammadov & Yenatfenta Abate
Between Heaven & Roots
The space between heaven and root is considered boundless, obviously it seems immeasurable, appears infinite and notwithstanding... it seems there is not enough space...
Namik Mammadov presents a series of his artwork united not only by subjects, but also by techniques, pictorial and tone implementation. The philosophical reflections of the artist are related to the crucial issues of humanity. There is not only the question regarding the meaning of life, but also in what is the justification for a life itself.  That's why the artist is looking for answers from the masters of the past.
In his interpretations of ancient archetypes he masterfully imitates the technique of fresco with its thin, as carved into the wall circuit patterns, underlined by soft light of tempera painting, simultaneously using elements of Tabriz miniatures style and techniques of iconography. This amazing trinity of monumental art, book miniatures and icons calls the more sustainable associations with eras and styles.
Yenatfenta Abate is showing her versatility in paintings, drawings, three dimensional artwork and sculptures. As a graduate of the "Free Art" her artwork though can be described as "liberated art". Freed from templates, bondages, limitations and always in continuously enhancements to find new forms and to express her very own artistic language. Free, graceful lines and swinging figures are her trademark.
Centre point is the human being; as an individual he/she will be thematized and scrutinized. Especially in aspect of Yenatfenta’s sculptures, which sway like roots in all directions, covered with paper as a carrier of information and letters, exceeding the spatial boundaries, the informality and naturalness is very clear to see!
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