The Language of Colours
05.09.2015 - 20.09.2015
with Kamal Alizade & Bernd Klick
The Language of Colours
Two artists with different cultural backgrounds, unequal age and different life experiences combines the exploration of the power of colour, its effect and the direct expression of emotion through colour explosions!
Kamal Alizade was born in 1992 in Baku / Azerbaijan and grew up in a well-known artist family. Inspired by the work of American abstract artists as well as the conceptual art of Mark Rothko, Kamal paints his abstract maxims, investigating links of the pure colours within rather sustained palette. By expressive works Kamal wishes to visualize and transmit the wide range of human feelings, to cause emotional response in the viewer by means of colour.
Kamal young experiments toward art without pretending to the exclusiveness of the style or depth of artistic searches, but an expression of an emotional feeling that is to be conveyed directly, pure and untouched.
Bernd Klick was born in 1944 in Poznan and since 1955 he lives and works in Berlin.
His signature is a total free and personal work of art, a pictorial impartiality, uninfluenced by any art academic doctrine, the artistic freedom is not to be bound to any style or genre, but to reflect impressions and feelings in a way to live up as adequate as possible the thoughts or people, who are painted. Both his through chromatic vitality specifically, informal work, as well as his veristic likely portraits, are focusing on what is essential for himself: on canvas banned sensations,  from the gut unconverted form and colour explosions, seeing and perceiving colour, black, white, light and shadow, spaciousness and depth.
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