Azerbaijan meets Mongolia in Berlin
05.03.2015 - 25.04.2015
with Naila Sultan, Eldar Babazade, Elena Hagverdiyeva, Elchin Veliyev, 
Dolgor Ser-Od, Badam Daschdondog, Dulguun Baatarsukh, Gankhuyag Lkhamsuren
Azerbaijan meets Mongolia in Berlin
In his surrealist paintings Eldar Babazade, a well-known Azerbaijani artist, combines oriental with European art. At the same time the strongly pronounced lines express a subjective reality, aiming to arouse specific associations. By means of symbolical images and signs the artist hints at secret sense and ambiguity of all in existence on the Earth. He just slightly opens this veil and gives each spectator the chance to find his own harmony and beauty algorithm.
Naila Sultan is a master of miniature painting, the art for small and very small paintings. The artist managed in her artworks not to copy blindly the unsurpassed samples of tiny painting, but while improvising to create her own handwriting, with a distinctive and individual style. Her artwork is based on a deep love for her roots, tradition and her enthusiasm for folklore. Naila wants to seduce the viewer into a magical world of love and eroticism.
Elena Hagverdiyeva enchants with the unusual aesthetics of her paintings and dunks into the world of beauty and grace. A fairytale world just like a fantastic dream in a paradise garden, surrounded by colorful carpets and fabrics with floral ornaments; she disguises her mysterious beauties with refined clothes and adorned their heads with unusual headdress, a continuation of the imaginative environment. These beauties are soft and sluggish in their movements and are just infatuated.
Elchin Veliyev, a very young Azerbaijani artist, combines philosophy and aesthetic concepts of East and West in his creativity. He engages himself with traditional Azerbaijani carpet art in a picturesque way. For centuries spiritual, philosophical and aesthetic ideas of mankind are concentrated in all kind of carpets. For Elchin is the carpet, with its difficult and complex "language" of symbols, an inexhaustible source of inspiration and in the center of all his compositions.

Dolgor Ser-Od is known for her filigree artwork, embedded in an imaginative and paradisiac world of images. The plethora of colours and shapes, simple and tender, carried out very faithful to detail, provides entry to an unknown world, which nevertheless seems familiar simultaneously. Her colourful and lively paintings give an insight into the Mongolian culture. Thereby her artwork is individual and at the same time universal expression of life and ultimately beyond cultural boundaries.
Gankhuyag Lkhamsuren, a well-known sculptor and painter in Mongolia, has been inspired by the beautiful scenery and wisdom of his country. His formal and surreal sculptures, in which people and animals co-exist harmoniously next to each other and together, is his distinctive and unique signature. Also his powerful drawings take heart from the same source. In his various artwork Gankhuyag is dealing with the environment, politics, identity and numerous traditions, just to name few topics.
Also Badam Dashdondog’s artwork is a kind of reproduction and interaction of mankind and nature of beautiful Mongolia. The landscape acts as decoration for the life in the villages, their people and the atmosphere of their lives; small and great stories are told in her paintings. The colours Badam is using for her compositions are soft, gentle and at the same time very intense and contrasting. Her paintings have great depth, despite the flat screen, and allow the viewer to disappear in them.
Dulguun Baatarsukh is a young Mongolian artist, who expresses herself through various art elements. Mild forms on strong background, the use of mixed techniques such as traditional dolls, installations and fashion design makes her differ a lot from other artists and lifts her out of the mass of young artists. Her artwork shows innocence, dreams and the inner world of a young woman while she wants to criticize the art industry and society at the same time.
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