The blue hour
18.01.2015 - 20.02.2015
with Adil Yusif, Clotilde Lafont-König & Stefanie Lange
The blue hour
The Blue Hour is nowadays mainly a poetic term for the twilight period between the sunset and the darkness of the night as well as for the period just before sunrise. Because of the quality of the light, this period is treasured by artists. Often this hour is also known as the hour between reality and possibility, the hour of illusion and truth.
Adil Yusif has chosen an abstract way to comprehend the laws of the universe.  During the course of a transcendental journey to the depths of his subconscious, he draws aside the veil over the surreal world of his soul, plunging the spectators and the critics of his art into an unavoidable collusion, provoking them to join in the process of creation and challenging their senses in a game of aesthetic perception.
Using the collage technique, he achieves the relief-like textures of his canvases, and from that moment on, his paintings begin to “live” with movement in the space while revealing their sacred meaning.
Clotilde Lafont-König interweaves painting, object art, collage and textile art into a polyglot language compendium, into a true and extremely effective treasure of forms. At the end a self-contained and applied diagnostic work of universe is placed at the viewer’s disposal. Their individual instruments just like a protozoon form a strong facet of an embossed microcosm with resolute concentration, touching simplicity and remarkable complexity.
The artist gives with her artwork prick impulses to think, to pause...
Dr. Dörte Meyer, Art historian

In the sculptural work of Stefanie Lange are next to figurative sculpture the architectural and geometrical shapes with their complex, rough and chapped surfaces which tell stories. The sculptures enter into a dialogue with the surrounding space and let these appear in a modified perspective. Light and shadow play a major role.
Her concern is the reduction to the essentials in the statement of the work itself, which concludes to a certain rigor but also to a clear result. The artists generally selects restrained chromaticity, but sometimes a strong colouring supports the desired statement.
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