Worlds of visions & existences – Photo Exhibition
16.11.2014 - 20.12.2014
with Stratis Vogiatzis, Morvarid K. & Natavan Vahabova 
Worlds of visions & existences – Photo Exhibition
The separation between the world of vision and the world of existence is not always clear, sometimes one can even speak of the existential vision or visionary existence, outer and inner worlds collide, join hands. There are the places, which behind the obviously losing battle with time, witness a barren truthfulness. On their walls decoration reflects pain, loss and the inspiration of life. Hidden lives, who want to protect themselves or just endure, because they are waiting for a better day, carried by a hidden vision.

The Greek photographer Stratis Vogiatzis wants artistically to explore with his series "People of the Sea" and "Inner World" the inner world, to make life as a temporal event visible without major cover-up, but in a modest way staged between the burden of deprivation and the desire for beauty, consistently driven anew by faith and hope. Authenticity in the room - the photographer as a pilgrim. But what happens, when nature rebels and our inner world tries to break out, at the same time our own perception has been called into question and the moment is not tangible, shifts, reassembles in constant motion and we, we are searching in the vortex of ourselves and the things we see, for the truth? The sea is a perfect place for this kind of journey into the own inner world.

The Iranian photographer Morvarid K. deals in her poetic series "Above the streets" with the social role of black, the pertinence of self-expression through the power of color, the fine line between private and public space, personal freedom and strict imposed rules. Photographed on the rooftops of Tehran, as they are a critical and symbolic place, where both spaces, private and public, meet and where the personal freedom can reach the public space. In her series "Preserved for a better day" she concealed the existences of today's Tehranees with a white cloth as a metaphor, driven by the hope that a better day awaits them. It is only the layer of discretion and protection. Every single creature hidden under this cloth has his/ her very own special story of vision & existence, “narrated” by Morvarid K..

The Azerbaijani photographer Natavan Vahabova shows relics of various existences in Baku, driven by visions and desires, but also the simple fact of „Being". Thereby photos are shown from her series "Baku", "b/w", "Fragments", "Metanet" and "Balakhani". Balakhani is considered to be one of the oldest districts of Baku, where mostly the poorer population is living. The settlement successfully managed to keep its traditional form up to nowadays. It differs by a close arrangement of houses, narrow small streets, outhouses system as well.   The main oil fields are concentrated there.  Despite it, the population mostly lives in poverty, but differs with a kind, sympathetic and cheerful nature. In her photos the photographer tries to capture the atmosphere between the world of existence and vision, "Be" and "Wanna Be".
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